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Bulk Bag TEsting

When FormPak successfully tests your material in our lab, we will guarantee the performance of our equipment for that material. We offer free Super Sack(r) and bulk bag testing and evaluation for our unloaders, fillers and flexible screw conveyors.

A bulk bag of materials being tested

How It Works

All you have to do is send us one Super Sack(r) filled with your material, along with one empty bag, to our lab in St. Louis.

Freight costs to and from our lab are the responsibility of the customer.

You are encouraged to witness these tests, but we can provide video and photographs, as well as a written report of results if your time does not permit.


  1. Complete the application portion of this form and send to or your FormPak contact, along with a copy of the MSDS sheet, prior to shipping any materials to us. 
  2. Send (pre-paid) material in returnable containers, as well as empty containers to re-package for re-shipment. 
  3. Attach a copy of the MSDS to the outside of the container 
  4. We will send you a detailed test report, along with a video on completion of the test. 
  5. All test materials and packaging will be returned to customer immediately following the test (unless other arrangements have been agreed to). If arrangements for return shipping haven’t been made by customer within (10) days, FormPak will arrange to have these sent Freight Collect. 

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