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Industrial Bulk Bag Filling Systems

Our heavy-duty bulk bag fillers will exceed your requirements for safe and reliable Super Sack® (bulk bag, big bag, FIBC) filling. Whether you’re looking for automated bulk bag filling, seed bagging equipment, or another application, FormPak’s big bag filling equipment is perfect for a variety of uses.

Bulk Bag Filling Stations: Video Demonstrations

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Bulk Bag Filling Solutions

FormPak offers several models to accommodate the specific needs of your big bag filling application. Each bulk bagging machine has many optional features so be sure to view product details closely to ensure the right match for your application.

BagPak 2100-SS (Spout top – Scale Controlled) Bulk Bag Filler

BagPak 2100-ST (Spout Top) Bulk Bag Filler

BagPak 1100-DT (Duffel Top) Bulk Bag Filler

Animated 3D rendering of dual BagPak 4400-AD machines

BagPak 4400-AD (Auto-Discharge) Bulk Bag Filler

Animated 3D rendering of FormPak's Bag Filler 2100 SS

BagPak 2100-SS-RL (Rota-Load) Bulk Bag Filler

BagPak 1100-DT-IH (Integrated Hopper) Bulk Bag Filler

Features of Our Super Sack Filling Stations

Our basic bulk bag filling machine is designed to fill duffel or spout top bags to volume. Add FormPak’s Fill Head/Seal and scale controller and you have an accurate gravimetric (scale based) filling system that is dust-tight and automated to fill by weight.

  • Our bulk bag filling machines utilize heavy structural steel frames, adjustable holder arms for multiple big bag heights, and fork lift pockets for mobility.
  • Our fill head features a two piece design for dust tight connections to the Super Sack®, while providing an efficient dust collection port.
  • Our top of the line scale controlled filler fills bags to precise weights with bulk and dribble flow settings.

Options for Our FIBC Bulk bag Filler Machines

We offer several bulk bag filling options, including:

  • Wide base frames for pallet jack loading/unloading
  • Cartridge filter systems for controlling minor dust
  • Super Sack® pre-fill inflator for lined bags
  • Densifiers and/or vibrators to settle aerated materials
  • Fully automated bag release and eject systems

Custom Bulk Bag Filler Request

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Product Testing

If we test your material in our lab, we will guarantee complete discharging of material from your Super Sack® or bulk bag.