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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Our heavy-duty bulk bag unloaders will unload and discharge any and all bulk material from bags. If it can be unloaded from a Super Sack®, bulk bag, jumbo sack, or FIBC – our bulk bag unloader stations can handle it. Our super sackk handling equipment is made with robust design, simple and effective bag agitation functions, and each unit provides guaranteed results! We can set up your bulk bag unloader station as a LIW (Loss-In-Weight) or GIW (Gain-In-Weight) batching system, and integrate any up or downstream components required.

Hoist & Trolley Loaded Bulk Bag Unloader
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Don’t just take our word for it – watch our bulk bag discharging station in action and dive deep into the components that make FormPak’s bulk handling equipment near indestructible.
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The frame of this hoist and trolley bulk bag unloader is fabricated of one quarter inch thick three and four inch square tube steel.

It features a bag lifting adapter that is attached to an electric hoist with a motorized trolley. The hoist is controlled by an easy to use four button pendant. A back support pan provides the safe access that OSHA and safety managers are looking for and is also used to motivate the bag shaker system.

The bag shaker uses rubber isolators and a heavy duty gyrator to shake the pan, refluidizing the material in the bag to ensure flow. This is an effective, efficient and guaranteed system to provide complete discharge of the bag with none of the pinch points or dead zones seen in paddle style machines.

Additionally, the 100% duty cycle 1500 pound force vibrator is the bag shakers only moving part. It is completely adjustable and will likely never be replaced. To unload the bag, the lift loops are fed onto the lifting adapter and the bag is lifted via the hoist, high enough to clear the support pane then moved along the beam into the frame and lowered into the bag receiver pan.

The bag should be placed so that 80 to 90% of the weight is sitting on the pan. The operator can then open the access door to reach the back spout and untie it. If the unit has an amorous valve, it can now be open via either a trigger lock or a twist handle lock like the one shown here. The operator then pulls down the back spout closes the iris valve above the tie, then can untie the spout and close the access door.

Once the door is closed, the valve may be opened again and the dust free system is ready to discharge. The Iris valve can also be used to close off and retie the bag to remove it from the system. However, material must be flowing through the spout to close. Forcing it closed on a solid mass can cause it to slip out of orientation.

The back shaker is actuated by either a simple on off switch like the one shown here or automatically by downstream conveyors or control system.

Once the bank has been discharged, tying off the bag spout is typically recommended before removal to contain residual material.

Please contact the FormPak representative for more information on this or other FormPak products.

Bulk Bag Unloader Discharge Models

FormPak offers several bulk bag unloader models to accommodate the specific needs of your big bag discharging application. Below you will notice various bulk bag unloading frame options, so be sure to read our in-depth bulk handling equipment spec sheets for each unloader.


Fork Truck Loaded Bulk Bag Unloader




Fast Track Bulk Bag Unloader units

If you do not need a customized bulk bag unloader unit, FormPak’s fast track units are available for online purchase. Each unit comes with standard specifications, so please review the details carefully and thoroughly when viewing our standard bulk bag unloaders.

004445 500 FL 3X3

004448- 500 FL 4x4

Bulk Bag Unloader Features

Our bulk bag unloaders (super sack unloaders) provide a safe, dust-free, and efficient way to unload and dispense bulk bags.

If you’re concerned with material flowability, integrated dust collection, or conveyor belts, our super sack handling equipment comprehensively gets the job done. Additional features include the following:

  • Heavy-duty structural frames with fully integrated components deliver a complete bulk bag unloading system.
  • Our bulk bag unloader incorporates a simple but guaranteed “live bottom” agitator with an isolated hopper and a 1,500 pound force industrial gyrator.
  • FormPak bulk bag unloaders are available with any type of take away conveyor, feeder, valve or scale.

We also provide additional components like access doors, downspouts, iris valves and downstream process equipment to condition and control your product.

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Product Testing

If we test your material in our lab, we will guarantee complete discharging of material from your Super Sack® or bulk bag.