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004445 500 FL 3X3 Frame

Bulk bag will be positioned onto hooks of fork truck adapter. Adapter and bag can now be lifted and placed at pre-set (adjustable) receiver arms of unloading frame. By opening access door operator can feed bag spout into access box, untie spout, (material can now flow into downstream equipment) then close access door. Once “Start” button has been hit, bag unloader gyrator will start and material will flow.

If optional iris valve is used the bag spout will be pulled through the open iris valve prior to untying bag discharge spout. Iris valve can then be closed prior to dispensing, or set at one of manyintermittent positions for metering material. When valve is closed the bag spout can be retied and removed from unloader if desired.


FormPak BagFlo 500-FL 

Heavy-duty (3” x 3” x .25” wall) tubular steel frame and cross supports,
adjustable bag/adapter supports for multiple sized bags, and (4) 8” square
mounting feet pre-drilled, mild steel construction – coated in enamel paint

  • BagLift 500-FA (Fork Adapter) to lift bag by straps, stenciled “Max Cap
    4,400”, mild steel construction – enamel paint
  • 48” X 48” bag receiver hopper, ¾” x 8” square gyrator mounting plate, and
    12” outlet flange suitable for mounting access box or iris valve, mild steel
    construction – coated in enamel paint
  • Gasketed Access Box, 12” flanged top with clamp to attach to unloader
    discharge, mild steel construction – enamel paint
  • 12” RCN (Rubber Coated Nylon) flex sleeve, (2) stainless steel clamps (for
    mounting between access box and equipment below
  • 12” Manual Iris Valve for metering flow of material from bag or
    removing partially empty bag from system, aluminum body
  • Bag Shakr System – To ensure flow and complete discharge from bags,
    •  1 HP, 1,500# force, 100% duty cycle Heavy-Duty gyrator 230-480/3/60
    • (4) Flex bolt sandwich isolators