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Who is Formpak?

At FormPak, we design and build high-quality dry material handling systems. Really the ideal customer for us is somebody who has challenges within their production facilities and are looking for a partner that understands those challenges.

The key to that is asking a lot of questions and listening to what the customer has to say. We don’t form their solution around our machine, we can make the machine to fit their solutions.

To do that, we’ve got to be curious and excited about finding answers.

Anytime that something is a challenge to me, it gets that going, gets that juice going. So that’s all it is, you know. That’s basically all it takes.

We’ve been fortunate enough to find people that have a lot of curiosity. Approached, you know, problems with innovation, interest, curiosity. If that’s not there, those
are things you can’t teach. I’m learning something new every day. If I find a problem, I
like working my way back to it, you know. Oh, this is what happened! Then, when it works like, cool. Got it.

And the thing with me is I’m not going to stop until I get it.

the team here at FormPak really comes together to get the job done for the customer. We know we have to draw on each other’s talents to make it successful.

We all pitch in ideas to make the project work. And sometimes it just takes everybody to work on okay, this can go here, that can go there. It’s a team effort. If you need help with something, everyone’s gonna jump and try to help you figure it out.

You appreciate each other. We’re like a family. And that family feeling is what, in the end, makes good product. It leads to better customer satisfaction and a great customer experience.

We have a really tight team and we communicate well to the customer. So I think when a customer is deciding to make the choice on which vendor to go with for their project, they can look at FormPak and know that we’ll get it done.

I know this stuff’s gonna be there long after I’m gone, and that’s what I want, is the legacy of reliable, tough equipment.

That’s when I get, you know, a little happy about it – that it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.